Backstory of This Butterfly

My journey is relatively new in many aspects.  I’m in the later years of my 30’s.  I’ve done all the usual things one does as they grow up- school, work, and look for love- while dealing with life as the eldest of three girls that had it’s own series of dramas throughout my childhood years.  This is who I am now:

An educated, and sensitive woman searching for a reason for why my journey has turned from one that seemed straight and unimpeded into one where I can’t see past the insurmountable hill ahead.  I’m a woman that is realizing that her health can no longer take a back seat to everything else- including having a job to keep the hard-won independence she’s been enjoying the last 6 years.

Medically, I am dealing with several “Invisible Illnesses” along this journey.  Lupus, Scleroderma and Rheumatoid Arthritis are chief culprits of my various issues.  I take solace in the words “I’m stable.” at each doctor’s visit.  Yet, stable doesn’t mean I’m not ill.  This is my life.  Hoping one visit to the next that they’ll see something.

I hope that those of you reading learn something from my words.  Advice, a warning…something.  You can always reach out and comment here or via email (

Thank you for your time.

May your own journey bring joy, love and peace along the way,

Lacy Ann

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